How to Deal with a Toddler’s Temper Tantrum

How to Deal with a Toddler’s Temper Tantrum. Patience is a key factor when taming an out-of-control
toddler. You will need

A calm demeanor


Patience and a time-out area (optional).

Step 1. Distract the child from whatever’s causing the frustration. Draw
the child’s attention to anything else – a toy, a book, or activity.

Step 2. Remain calm and collected. Show the child you have control of the situation.

Step 3. Discuss the situation with the child. Show them you understand why they are upset. If the child is older than
three, ignore the tantrum and explain that you will listen when they can use a normal

Step 4. Remove the child from the scene, whether it’s a family gathering, a shopping
mall, or grocery store. Pick up the child and physically remove them to a different
surrounding. Reserve a time-out area in your home where the child will go to calm down.

Step 5. Always be consistent with your actions. Never give in to an unruly child or your
child will soon rule your home. Did you know As of 2008, spanking in public schools was
still legal in 21 states and used frequently in 13.

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